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Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans are mechanically mounted fans that are placed on the ceiling of your home or workspace. It is sometimes electrically powered and is suspended against the ceiling of an area. It uses rotating blades which are hub-mounted in order to supply air. A ceiling fan generally swivels a lot slower than different varieties of modern-day fans,  like electrically powered table fans.

Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Review

The refreshing air is effectively introduced by a slow movement which provides you with extreme relief on hot days. Fans never really supply air, in contrast to air-conditioning. Conversely, ceiling fans can be accustomed to reduce the flow of hot air in your home or workspace by propelling it down to have a result on each occupant’s sensations and regulate the temperature, thereby raising energy potency and climate management.

1. Harbor Breeze Mazon – 44 Ceiling Fan

The harbor breeze ceiling fan is a brand-new model and style which changes every now and then. This makes this brand of ceiling fan stand alone in the midst of its competitors. With its sleek mid-body layout, this fan contains a modern withstand as opposed to the standard ceiling fan.

The design is coherent, compact, and ready to adjust in an exceedingly medium or tiny area or workplace.

A prime marketer with trade-leading materials, a powerful motor, alongside an integrated LED light fixture that will provide you with the necessary light and air that you would like to feel at your home.

Harbor Breeze Mazon – 44 Ceiling Fan


The 44-inch Mazon fan brings together modern vogue and performance within a compact package. The Mazon fan is right for small space applications and is meant to counterpoint today’s interior decoration trends which is why it’s an absolute favorite of purchasers.

The purchasers claim that the integrated lightweight kit is dimmable and includes an integrated 18-watt diode module to produce ample illumination. The flush mount vogue is true for rooms with low ceilings.


  • It has 3 different speed modes which can be handled by a remote.
  • It can be operated from any room inside the house.
  • It has reverse airflow which can be changed according to the season.
  • Consumes very little electricity.


  • It does not light up the room if you are looking for a fan with bright light.
  • It is hard to operate for older people of the house.

2. Merrimack 52 – Indoor/Outdoor Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

This harbor breeze ceiling fan is an award-winning modern style ceiling fan that has an impressive beauty with a period time of sturdiness. Due to its casual style and weatherproof features, it is highly favored by customers.

This trade-recognized name of the brand makes fans which are constructed to appear terribly engaging and last longer. This beautiful and new updated model has additional sturdy materials, powerful quiet motor technology, and includes sensible energy economical LED lighting.

It has five weatherproof blades which are exceedingly designed in a java finish for a tasteful look. Customers feel that it’s antique bronze end lends a beautifully contemporary look.

Merrimack 52 - Indoor/Outdoor Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan


It has a light-weight light kit with a  globe-style clear glass shade that provides the correct amount of illumination. This triumph trendy vogue ceiling fan is an utmost favorite of the shoppers because it displays outstanding light with a period of durability. This trade recognized name brand of this fan is built for a spectacular look and to last longer.


  • It is a very durable fan.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is not very costly.
  • It comes with an attached light, which lights up the room quite well.


  • It does not offer a different speed mode.
  • It can not be operated with a remote.

3. Sail Stream 52 by Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Sail Stream 52 harbor breeze ceiling fan is another award-winning modern-style ceiling fan that has excellent beauty and also comes with lifetime durability. This trade-recognized brand makes a complete fan which is made to appear terribly engaging.

The customers feel that not it this fan is a visual treat but it also lasts longer. This gorgeous and new updated model has a lot of study materials and is equipped with powerful quiet motor technology and includes sensible energy economical LED lighting.

It is furnished with a contemporary Indoor 52-inch brushed nickel. This ceiling fan comes with three grey blades making this an excellent addition to any area of the customer’s living space.

Sail Stream 52 by Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans


Its powerful motor quietly generates a high flow of air. It additionally has 3-speeds with the reverse flow of air feature that allows you to change the fan’s direction setting seasonally, therefore cool air is pushed down and hot air is distributed equally, providing you with comfort all year spherical.
Specially designed with flush-mount installation is nice for rooms with lower ceilings. Customers feel it’s a pleasant addition for contemporary vogue ornamentation.


  • It is not that heavy and is also durable.
  • It comes with a LED light which is very powerful.
  • It takes up a very low amount of electricity.
  • It is very good for big rooms.


  • It is not so good for rooms with high ceiling.
  • It does not come with remote control.

4. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Lynstead 52 – 4 Blades and a Glass Globe

This harbor breeze ceiling fan has 5 reversible blades which have a mink cinnamon finish in order to enhance today’s style trends. It is sculpted with a specialty bronze end motor which aids in the housing needs of the customers thereby providing a classic look to all your indoor settings.

It has a stained Scavo glass bowl light kit with two medium base junction rectifier bulbs enclosed. Twist and lock mounting system provides straightforward installation and quiet operation.


The flush mount application is nice for low ceilings. 3-speed reversible AC motor provides powerful flowing of air. Ideal for large rooms that is why it’s favored by most customers. Some feel that’s nice for ancient vogue ornamentation.

The fan provides a touch to older and previous aesthetics and enhances the appearance of recent ornamentation. It is not solely appearance stylish however is a lot of durable and sturdy than it really seems to be.


  • It has a 3-speed mode.
  • The airflow is reversible.
  • It is good for rooms with a low ceiling.


  • It does not come with an attached light.
  • The design is very old-fashioned.

5. Fairwind 60 Ceiling Fan by Harbor Breeze

This harbor breeze ceiling fan is a three-blade ceiling fan that could be a statement piece for your home. This fan is damp-rated and customers claim that they can either use it indoors or on their coated porch or patio for years and enjoy maintenance-free usage.

It includes an LED light kit to supply immense illumination, which is not only sufficient but also saves your family a huge amount of cash. Customers say that it includes learning remote for their convenience. It is further finished in galvanized color to simply work into rustic, up-to-date, or industrial decors.


This fan is mounted with encircled 6-inch down rod for ancient or higher ceilings, or on diagonal ceilings which makes it quite applicable for shoppers. 

The shoppers are very happy and glad concerning the performance of the fan. They feel that it’s a pleasant addition to their home and isn’t solely a visible treat but quite durable and long-lived furthermore.


  • It comes with a LED light.
  • It is good for rooms with high ceilings.
  • It is sturdy and long-lasting.


  • Does not have a different speed mode.
  • Does come with remote control.
  • Does not have a reverse airflow.

6. Bronze Beach Creek 44 By Harbor Breeze

This harbor breeze ceiling fan has a sleek and modern style bronze fan which is right for tiny to medium-sized rooms. This fan is tri-mount,  which can be used with an enclosed down rid for rounded or higher ceilings, or without the enclosed down the rod as an in-depth mount for normal or lower ceilings, or on for slope ceilings.

Bronze Beach Creek 44 By Harbor Breeze


It has an integrated diode light-weight light kit fenced that is beneficial for each providing light and conjointly for energy savings and clean illumination. The customers are very keen on this fan and extremely proud of the performance of this explicit product.

This fan could be worth cash because it is a budget fan that is capable of doing such a lot at intervals on a tiny low budget and a compact style. Read more in detail here. If you want to read about Bronze Creek 44-inch Fan, you can find out a detailed review here.


  • It is very strong and light.
  • The airflow is also very good.
  • It consumes less electricity.


  • The light installed is not very bright.
  • The speed of the fan cannot be changed.

7. Aberly Cove 60

This harbor breeze ceiling fan is a bronze end ceiling fan from the Aberly Cove collection. It features five reversible nutmeg or cinnamon finish blades which is a rare color and usually liked by most customers. It further has a frosted bowl light kit brought overhead to provide illumination to your house.


This 60-in fan provides flow up to 6,230-CFM, making it ideal for big rooms, and may even be placed as an in-depth or angle mount. The feature of reverse flow of air permits you to change the fan’s direction setting seasonally, and in line with your convenience thus cool air is pushed down or the heater is distributed equally nicely for transmutation vogue ornamentation.


  • It comes with remote control.
  • It has 3-speed modes.
  • It is very strong.


  • It is a little bit costly.
  • The light provided is not so bright.

8. 40048 Sail Stream

This harbor breeze ceiling fan is a  contemporary indoor 52-inch brushed nickel ceiling fan with three grey blades that makes a good addition to any area and a cult favorite for customers. It has a powerful motor that quietly generates high airflow.

Its three speeds feature with reverse airflow permits you to alter the fan’s direction as well as settings seasonally, thus cool air is pushed down or heat air is distributed equally, providing you with year-round comfort.

Its specially designed flush-mount installation is perfect for rooms with lower ceilings. Customers use it as a nice addition to their up-to-date vogue ornamentation. Its light kit is furnished with an opaque glass shade which so facilitated to bring overhead illumination to your area. This 5-inch fan quietly generates high airflow, creating it ideal for giant rooms. 

Its three-speed settings and enclosed device build it straightforward to keep up the perfect comfort level. This award-winning date style ceiling fan has an impressive beauty with a lifetime of sturdiness. This business-recognized brand name makes complete which fan is constructed to appear terribly engaging and also last longer.


This beautiful and new updated model has even a great deal of durable materials, powerful and quiet motor technology which includes wise energy economical crystal clear lighting that is that the most cherished feature of the fan by the purchasers.

This product is praised by several of the purchasers for its sturdiness and additionally for the speed of the fan. The speed modes and cherished by the customers as a result of it’s to regulate the speed to any weather and additionally terribly helpful for folks whose temperature changes each time.


  • It is very sturdy and long-lasting.
  • The motor is very powerful.
  • The light provided is loved by the customers.
  • The speed can also be adjusted for this product.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • It consumes a bit more electrical energy.

9. Classic 52

This harbor breeze ceiling fan is a white ceiling fan from the Classic assortment. It features five reversible blades which are in white color with driftwood end. It’s light kit is pliable with any universal light kit that is sold separately. This 52-inch fan provides up to five, 187-CFM flowing air thereby making it ideal for giant rooms for up to 400-sq foot.

This is why it is favored by customers as a three-speed settings build it straightforward to take care of your ideal comfort levels and it’s remote ability provides you with the choice to alter the fan speed from anyplace within the space. Reverse airflow feature permits you to alter the direction of the fan for optimum seasonal flowing.


It any incorporates a 4-inch down rod self-enclosed for traditional or angle mount installation and might even be placed in as a flush mount. 

It’s ENERGY STAR certified merchandise that hour angle another major reason for the shoppers to shop for this fan. It assists you to avoid wasting money on utility bills whereas not sacrificing performance, vogue or comfort.


  • It is very durable and good for the long run.
  • The speed of the fan is praised by the customers.
  • It can be installed in any type of ceiling.


  • The speed cannot be changed.
  • It does not come with a light.
  • It has a fixed speed.

10. Beach Creek 44

This harbor breeze ceiling fan has a sleek and modern style brushed nickel fan which is good for tiny to medium rooms. This fan is tri-mount and can be used with enclosed down rid for rounded or higher ceilings, or without down rod as a detailed mount for traditional or lower ceilings.

It’s integrated junction rectifier light kit is enclosed for energy savings and clean illumination. It has a seventeen Watt junction rectifier light kit, which is able to spread light to a wide distance. It has 3-speed settings to regulate for your level of comfort It further includes a remote device for your convenience.


It options opaque glass to fantastically illuminate your home and has reversible blades to easily act as a modification to the planning of your fan. Its 5-degree blade pitch Includes 3reversible blades in white and Barnwood. The shoppers love this as a result of they will build an announcement with this beautiful fashionable vogue ceiling fan.


  • It is very light-weight.
  • It comes with a light.
  • It does not require a lot of electricity.


  • The speed cannot be altered.
  • No remote control is installed.
  • It is not the best choice for a high ceiling.

11. Lake Placido 52

This harbor breeze ceiling fan is an award-winning fan due to its world style ceiling accommodation which displays outstanding beauty with the time period of sturdiness. This trade recognized brand name makes a complete fan which is made for visual worthy appearance and lifelong durability.

This gorgeous and recently updated model has even additional sturdy material, powerful quiet motor technology and includes good energy economical lighting. It has 5 reversible blades in a very cinnamon or mocha finish which is build simply to change designs while not having to get new blades.

The black iron end offers a complicated look which is often loved by the customers. It’s a light kit with clear glass shade provides enticing illumination. It has 4-in L Down rod enclosed that can even be put in as a flush mount. 3-speed reversible AC motor provides up to five,100-CFM airflow associated an airflow potency of 76-CFM/-watt.


The 52-in fan is nice for giant rooms and is loved by the purchasers for it’s nice and rustic and vogue ornamentation. it’s meant for each indoor and outdoor use.

The customer’s love this product as a result of its Barnwood finish and conjointly for its completely different speed setting. It’s easy to figure, light-weight and fits the budget of numerous of the consumers.


  • The airflow is good.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • It can be installed inside as well as outside.


  • The speed setting is a bit confusing.
  • The fan does not work on a remote.
  • It also does not have a light.

12. Platinum Kingsbury

This harbor breeze ceiling fan is made of platinum. Kingsbury 70-inch is oil rubbed and is a bronze indoor down rod mount which is made for commonplace enclosed space.

It is enclosed with five  Iris Technology of  ENERGY STAR which is why it is highly favored by the customers. It has an Indoor 70-inch oil rubbed motor which is of bronze color along with 5 mink and distressed reversible blades of mocha color.

The integrated dome is furnished with light kit with shiny white Scavo glass. It further includes 2 13-watt CFL bulbs with downrod mounting possibility for solely 6-in download which is included for powerful motor and it silently generates high flow. It’s 6 speed DC motor has reverse technology which provides you with a year-around skillfulness device and is enclosed with energy Star. Five reversible blades are affirmative for blade end.


The light Kit is fenced in with a variety of lights and includes a combination of the most electrical bulb. This product is thought for its less energy consumption and it is one attribute that’s likable by the shoppers. It’s sturdy and appears stunning with an occasional ceiling. It will be placed within the house or perhaps outside based on the construction. It’s stunning.


  • It has an attached light.
  • It has a reversible airflow.
  • It can be used for both indoors m outdoors.


  • It is not remote controlled.
  • The speed is not changeable.

13. Waveport 52

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is a 52-inch Waveport ceiling fan which is in white finish. It features five Palm vogue blades and also features one light kit with opaque white glass.

Customers find this damp-rated which is ideal to be used on lined porches and patios. It has a down rod vogue mounting, with 6-in down rod enclosed with it. It Includes 2 sixty watts base lightweight bulbs. It has a 14° blade pitch with three-speed reversible AC motor.


The Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fans offer blades shaped in the form of palm leaves and opaque glass. It’s created from vital industrial construction. This fan is damp-rated and durable, therefore, you’ll be able to get pleasure from this fan on an inside terrace or structured roof throughout the year.


  • It consumes very less energy.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The speed is fixed.
  • It is a bit costly.


Ceiling fans are a must for all seasons and for all households and with these modern and updated options, you can not only get fresh cool air but can also avail a statement piece to add to your house.

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