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What’s the first reaction on entering a room with a lot of powerful air hitting you and you get instant respite from the hot outside air? You naturally feel easy from within.

Now, cool air also gives you the option to enhance the beauty of your room at no additional cost for many years to come. Well, it will naturally be the perfect choice considering the aesthetic appeal and the kind of comfort, it gives you.

That’s the charisma of a fan namely Bronze Beach Creek 44 By Harbor Breeze has created various benefits for people who are looking for style, comfort, and durability.

What are the features of Bronze Beach Creek 44 Fan?

  • Suited for tiny to medium-sized rooms as the sleek design is an additional characteristic that enhances the ambiance.
  • The fan is a tri-mount.
  • It comes with a diode light-weight light that is well-integrated to give a spectacular presentation.
  • Budget-friendly product


  • The fan needs less low to operate as this has been the most obvious and important factor for the manufacturers to give their consumers a gift in the form of less bills every month
  • Airflow is quite noteworthy
  • It is durable and long-lasting


The light isn’t bright as expected

The speed of the fan remains unchanged

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the fan have a remote itself?

It comes with a light remote.

Q2. How much is power that the fan needs to run itself?

It has strong airflow.

Q3. How much of the warranty is associated with the fan?

It offers a lifetime warranty from defects.

Q4. Is the installation complex?

Installing the fan requires detailed and thorough patience and guidance where the company of a person is required so that you can get the fan at a certain distance. Also, safety mechanism has to be top-notch for obvious reasons. It is even better if you get expert assistance at this time.

Q5. How fast airflows from it?

The strong force of air is enough to describe its power that covers the maximum area.

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