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What’s your reaction on entering a room that has a low speed fan greeting you? Well, you naturally feel irritated as it indirectly mocks at your presence. You feel slightly uncomfortable.

Now, contrary to this challenging situation, take for instance fans that are known to improve airflow in room while adding to the appeal of the room further.

Yes, I am talking about Sail Stream 52 fans that are known to provide years of cool and comfortable air. The trendy and technology driven fan works best in giving comfortable air, and easing the people through evaporative cooling.

Besides having a sophisticated motor, it also has eye catching LED lighting that will give an awesome ambience to your room. Sail Stream fans have three grey blades and 52 inch brushed nickel. Include it in your living space to give a pleasant change.

Features of Sail Stream 52 Ceiling Fan

  • Motor is regarded to be the backbone, considering its power; you ensure a great refreshing high flow of air that will give you an instant respite.
  • Comes with 3 speeds so that you can all set to use it according to seasons with its reverse flow.
  • Even if your room has a low ceiling and you badly need a fan that can do justice by giving proper air with good flow. Thanks to its flush mount installation that will be an awesome idea for those who want the best of room with ventilation.
  • Can also act as a designing ornament that will uplift the ambience of your room


  • Perfect in durability
  • Has a captivating LED light
  • The fans is manufactured keeping in mind the rising level of power bill, so you enter in the list of fellow consumers who are intelligent enough to make right decision at the right time


  • Has lesser significance for rooms that have high ceiling
  • Lacks remote control so manually operating can be slightly taxing


Q1. Does the fan come with a remote?

No, it doesn’t come with a remote

Q2. How does installing the fan turn out to be?

Installing the fan is easy, provided the person is well aware about the process, where taking adequate degree of safety mechanism can just do the trick. Also, it is better if there is an expert assistance with you, so that you know what you are doing.

Q3. Does the air circulation have immense power that can seemingly cover a large area?

The air is powerful and helps the people get the best of ventilation in the room

Q4. What are the years of warranty that I am expected to get?

It offers lifetime warranty on defects.

Q5. What is the power consumption does the fan need to run?

Being an energy saving invention, it falls easy on pockets.

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