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If you have decorated your house with various aesthetic objects in form of creative wall hanging, 3D printing, etc, and looking forward to adding further touch, then don’t be surprised, if I tell you to add Aberly Cove 60.

Yes, besides giving you a comfortable cooling experience in ventilated surroundings, you are also a prized owner of a trendy yet durable fan that is all set to last for years to come, thus proving to be the right purchase. It is a bronze end fan with five reversible nutmegs and it comes with cinnamon finish blades.

Yes, your guest will appreciate your choice while you experience high flow of air that gives you the right degree of comfort. The whole look denotes of uniqueness and peculiarity considering the rare color that is all set to carve a niche for the fan.

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Adding further to the presentation is the frosted bowl light kit that creates the right degree of illumination for your prized home.

Features of Aberly Cove 60 Fan

It has a flow of up to 6,230 CFM and that’s enough even for rooms that are big and palatial. An ideally suited choice, it is no short of a masterpiece, considering its overall color. Thanks to the reverse flow feature you can use it at your convenience depending on the season.


  • It comes with 3-speed modes
  • The fan is energy efficient and that shows it needs less power to run which will clearly add to your convenience during the time of bill payment
  • Has a remote control for your ease
  • It is highly durable and promises to long last for years


  • Considering the light, many have termed it to be slightly dim and that’s a negative factor
  • It is also quite expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is installation complex or relatively easy?

One can easily install the fan if you are technically sound. Otherwise, it is important to get it done by an expert that knows the intricacies of where adhering the safety is of paramount importance.

Q2. Does this fan has a remote with itself?


Q3. What number of warranty years am I going to get with the fan?

You get an unlimited warranty on defects.

Q4. How fast airflows from it?

Air is powerful and so it covers maximum distance while maintaining awesome ventilation in the room

Q5. How much power consumption it requires?

It lessens the burden on the bill when considered for a long run.

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