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Have you ever had to feel the need to switch to a more sophisticated fan that can soothe your mind, body, and soul? Are you looking for a trendy and durable fan that besides giving you cool and comfortable air, also keeps your room ventilated.

If yes, then look nowhere else than Beach Creek 44 which besides enhancing the aesthetic look of your room also give you a comfortable and cool stay that you can pass with your family and friends in peaceful surrounding.

What more do you want when they are equally energy efficient thus giving you a perfect treat to save a big chunk of your hard-earned money in the long run?

What’s your reaction to entering a properly working ceiling fan with a high flow of air?

Well, you feel at ease since, it helps to maintain proper ventilation of the room, by improving airflow. Hence, you feel at ease where Beach Creek 44 helps to keep the room fresh and healthy while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your room further.

The design of the fan also entices the owners and guests thanks to its sleek and modern-styled brushed nickel fan that is appropriate and suited for small to medium-sized rooms.

What features does Beach Creek 44 fan have?

  • The Fan is tri-mount.
  • Comes with 17 Watt junction rectifier light kit that has such a wide possible base that it illuminated a large area.
  • It has reversible blades.


  • Thanks to its 3-speed settings that help you to choose the desired level of comfort.
  • The fan uses comparably less energy than others as it is energy efficient. This puts less burden on the cost every month.
  • Its opaque glass is designed in such a manner that perfectly illuminates the home.
  • It is lightweight.


  • No option to alter the speed
  • Not suited for houses that have high ceilings
  • A remote control is not there

The fan will also make you happy at the time of bill payment of your power since it consumes less energy so you naturally tend to save in the long run

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the installation process complex or easy?

Installing the fan requires patience, knowledge, and experience. You obviously need expert assistance that can give you a certain degree of motivation while you mount the fan as this company also enhances the motivation level further.

Q2. Do you get a remote with the product?


Q3. Does the air circulated by the fan have enough power to reach the corners and possibly a wide area?

Yes, it has a high flow of air that reaches a wide area.

Q4. What is the power consumption that the fan needs for operation?

It sets to lower the bill.

Q5. What sort of warranty years will I be getting with the fan?

It has a lifetime warranty on defects.

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