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A room with good air circulation creates positivity, as you feel at ease while breathing. You don’t feel uncomfortable as the right amount of air based on the requirement you set through remote-controlled fans simply makes it pleasant.

This is where the role of fans has immense importance as besides improving the airflow, the inhabitants know that they are in a properly ventilated room and they feel good, thanks to evaporative cooling.

It is a 3-blade ceiling fan that can be used in different places besides indoors, one can also use it on their coated porch or patio. Thanks to its durability it is all set to last for many years. Additionally, maintenance is easy on the pocket too and it is available in galvanized color.


  • Based on the height of the ceiling, it has a likewise rod as it is mounted with encircled 6-inch down rod that can ease you if you have a high ceiling or diagonal ceiling.
  • Its captivating LED light provides awesome illumination that can further save your finances. As per the views of customers, it comes with a learning remote for their ease.


  • The fan can lessen the power woes as it consumes less power and that will cheer your face slightly every month when you can check on the bill
  • Suited for rooms that have a high ceiling
  • Promises to give a long-lasting benefit
  • Has a LED light


  • Lacks different speed mode
  • Lacks reverse airflow

Q1. Will the fan have an adverse effect on the bill?

It has a pleasant change with regards to power bills, thanks to the energy-saving mechanism

Q2. What years of warranty do I get with this fan?

It offers a lifetime warranty on defects.

Q3. How powerful is the force of air that is able to cover an extended area?

It comes with strong airflow.

Q4. How complex is the installation process?

A fan installation is easy and systematic provided you know the whole process and adhere to the safety method. It is even better if you have the company of an expert with you, as you need one to hold the fan up for you

Do you get the convenience of a remote with a fan?


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