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How often have you heard that “Style’ and” Durability” can’t go together? Well, this is only a myth and to prove it wrong, Classic 52 of Harbor Breeze has made its effective entry with a bang.

Yes, besides having an aesthetic appeal along with the life of many years, there is nothing but cool and comfortable air on the way. Yes, thanks to the features, that add to its benefits which have carved a niche for itself.

As you look at the sleek design, you will realize that it stands out from the rest. A good working fan where you have a remote at your disposal to control the speed can just act as a perfect way to keep the room ventilated while improving airflow in the process.


  • It is a white ceiling fan that comes with five reversible blades. This 52-inch fan produces 187 CFM flowing air thus suited perfectly for rooms that are spacious and big
  • Its three-speed settings only add to your comfort level
  • It lets the person change the speed irrespective of the room of the house they are in.
  • Thanks to reverse airflow, it is naturally suited for various seasons


  • The fan has another indirect way to give you convenience in the form of ease on your power bills as it needs less power, so you can do your bit in lowering the monthly bill.
  • It comes with a 4-inch down rod
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Perfectly suited for a different type of ceiling
  • Fan’s speed is something that is noteworthy


  • There is no light in the fan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is installing the fan easy or complex?

A fan installation is easy if the person has expertise and knowledge. One also needs to adopt safety mechanisms for the whole operations

Q2. How much force does the fan emit?

It has a high flow of air that is able to cover a big section of the area

Q3. Elaborate on the extent of power needed by the fan

It helps to save on power bills

Q4. What is the warranty that I am getting with the fan?

It offers a lifetime warranty on defects

Q5. Is the remote available with the fan?

Yes, it is there

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