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So you need to replace a light on your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. The first thing we need to ask – and this may seem trivial, so we apologize – is the following questions:

  1. Are you trying to replace a burnt-out bulb?
  2. Are you trying to replace a broken light dome or glass globe?
  3. Are you working on replacing the actual light that attaches to the fan?

1. Changing a burnt-out light bulb

Let’s first talk about changing out a burnt-out light bulb, if this is what you need to do. The easiest way to diagnose this problem is well – the light was working, and it just burnt out. Let’s try changing the light bulb.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to do this:

  1. Turn off the fan and the light – so you don’t electrocute yourself or hurt yourself!
  2. Find a step ladder and place it underneath the fan – unless you’re… you know, super tall like 7 feet tall or something. Hey, some people are. Put the step ladder a little to the side of the fan so you don’t blink your head on it.
  3. Take a look at the globe. These are decorative globes generally that attach to the fan.

Here’s an example of what decorative globes look like. They’re pretty common – they can come in all kinds of different shapes and colors. These ones have pull chains attached.

Usually, where the globe attaches to the fan there are two screws, sometimes more but usually two. Unscrewing these should remove the globe – but make sure you keep one hand on the globe, and one on the screwdriver when you do this. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you! There’s nothing wrong in doing so.

If you don’t find screws on the globe, the globe may just unscrew by … well, unscrewing it. Don’t apply too much pressure, but try to apply a little bit of pressure and see if the globe will turn.

Once you’re able to turn the globe and remove it, you can then unscrew the bulb and replace it pretty easily. Then just put the globe back on the same way that you removed it.

2. Replacing a Broken Light Dome or Glass Globe

A broken glass globe can be a frustrating thing. You could have broken the glass globe by accident – in fact, it’s more than likely that it was broken by accident.

It’s unlikely it was broken on purpose. Maybe you were screwing the globe back in and whoops – it fell while doing so. It’s a very common thing.

If you need to replace a light dome or glass globe, the same process is followed as the above. In this case, though, your globe is already broken, so there’s nothing to screw in right now.

You’ll need to find a replacement globe – or, you can try gluing the globe back together. Some superglue may sometimes do the trick if the globe is not too badly broken.

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