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The average ceiling fan lasts about ten years. However, as long as there is no damage and you maintain it regularly, your fan will continue to run smoothly for many years beyond that. They are also relatively inexpensive to purchase and install so replacing old fans with new ones can easily be done as part of an ongoing home renovation project or as a way to change the interior design of a room.

Ceiling fan, indoors

How long do fans last?

Ceiling fan manufacturers usually allow fans to be returned for up to one year after purchase so that if there is a problem with its operation or appearance it can be easily fixed or exchanged. However, when deciding whether to return an old ceiling fan and buy a new one, you should consider issues such as how long you have owned the fan, whether it still runs as intended and has no faults, what its appearance is like now compared to when you first installed it and whether any design changes in your room make it necessary for you to buy a new fan.

How often does ceiling fans require maintenance?

Ceiling fans do not require much maintenance but they will last longer if they are properly maintained. For example, for best results, the fan should be cleaned once a year so that it does not become too dirty to run efficiently and dust is not allowed to pile up on its blades, which may cause damage over time. It takes only a few minutes to clean a ceiling fan and usually involves cleaning or replacing the fan’s blades at least once a year, cleaning or replacing the light cover, and wiping down any metal on the fan.

How fan blades makes your fans last few years only?

Fan blades are usually made of plastic or wood but metal blades can also be used. Metal is more durable than other materials so it is ideal for fans that are frequently exposed to excessive humidity, dust, mold or corrosion. If you have a fan with metal blades, it will probably last longer than one with plastic or wood blades.

As long as there is no damage to the fan and you clean and maintain it regularly , it should provide many years of efficient operation. If there are any problems with its appearance or if design changes mean that you would like to replace your old ceiling fan, then it is usually worthwhile to do so.

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